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What is a fuck machine?

The fuck machine is also often referred to as Sex Machine, Love-Machine or automatic masturbation machine In this case, men and women can expect a machine that is equipped with a dildo and can move it back and forth with hydraulic functions. shammed. The speed (between 0 to 450 movements in the minute), with which the Fickmaschine moves the dildo, can be adjusted thereby according to desire.

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Want to have some quality time with yourself in bed?

This automatic sex machine is perfect, and it works as long as you have it plugged in! 

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Take your sexual satisfaction to new heights with the one and only Sybian®!

This precision device offers you the ultimate sexual experience time and time again.

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Stable and high-quality manufacture, covered with luxurious synthetic leatheer in Ferrari red and Dark-Velvet black.

Because of the flexsible thrust rod system the machine is fitting nearly to all positions.

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HIGH POWER MOTOR:100 watt mute turbine Motor,never stop when penetrating

0-90 DEGREE ANGLE ADJUSTABLE :It can be adjusted within a certain range at will

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This new masturbation toy will powerfully hit your sensitive nerves and capture your body from inside.

The suction cup provides a chance to experience hands-free sex.

In addition to setting the speed at which the machine penetrates, the brackets or the justification This way the machine can be used not only in the loungers but also in the sitting or standing. The adjustment is easily possible, whereby usually an angle of 0 to 120 degrees Other characteristics of the fuck machines are:

  • Interchangeable Dildos
  • Light power supply
  • Attractive design
  • Good workmanship
  • High security

Due to all these characteristics the sex machine is a good enrichment for that most bedrooms, For its use, the product simply has to be placed on an firm base The dildo is then inserted and the speed of movement of the fucking machine is adjusted. stimulation engendered.

My TOP 10 fuck machines

fuck machine




More information

1st Sybian

10.000 rpm.

  • Best fuck machine in my opinion
  • Particularly quiet
  • Visually appealing
  • Intensity adjustable

Sybian Test

2 Y-Not Automatic Sex Machine

240 rpm.



Gigolo Love Machine Review

3rd Magic Motion Pleasure

300 rpm.

  • High quality workmanship
  • Several essays
  • Good performance in the low range
  • Production in Germany

Magic Motion Pleasure Review

4th Hismith Premium Sex Machine


  • Particularly inexpensive
  • 100 watt motor, but quiet
  • Various essays
  • Angle is adjustable

Hismith Premium Sex Machine Test

5th Greenpinecone sex machine


  • Especially suitable for beginners
  • With warm-up function
  • Particularly inexpensive
  • 14 different programs

Greenpinecone Sex Machine Test


For whom is this sex toy suitable?

It should be noted that this machine is not only intended for the use of women, men can also use this sex toy, in this case it is not a vaginal stimulation with the dildo, but about the anal use. Accordingly, the device comes with gay men In this case it is important to choose the right attachment for anal penetration, but heterosexual men can also use the Love-Machine, in which case the dildo is simply replaced by an artificial vagina..

The fuck machine is intended for anyone who is looking for a high-quality simulation of real sex. single person Men or women who do not have a permanent partner, but the product is also intended for twosomes. In this case, the partner can take control of the sex machine, whereas the other partner can take control of the sex machine. pamper This procedure is often used for prelude for use.

You can also build a fuck machine yourself?

fuck machine kaufen

Even with the necessary savvy in order to design and construct such a hydraulic sex machine, it should in any case Avoid building the machines yourself. One of the reasons for this is that often the necessary materials or manufacturing processes cannot be used to manufacture such a machine. categories must be respected as:

  • collateral
  • usefulness
  • amenities

In these categories there are simply too many aspects, which could go wrong with the do-it-yourself construction. collateral when using the fuck machines not always guaranteed or the Comfort suffers erheTherefore, it makes more sense to buy the device from an expert who has already manufactured many of these machines, and the purchase of a fucking machine is usually not much more expensive than if the device is made from high-quality parts As a result, customers only have to invest a little more money before use, but are therefore on the safe side..

Which is the best?

The Sybian can be called the best fuck machine because of its good construction, the fair price, the high quality stimulation and the many different attachments to offer a fast stimulation for all tastes and needs..

What are the sex machine experiences of women and men during the test??

The fuck machines are very well received by both sexes, where it is always said that real sex is simulated very well with the devices. affirmative After the first assembly it is correspondingly quick With the right position and the right dildo, it is possible to use the device in real time. apogee be attained.

fuck machine test

The corresponding customer evaluations can be created using the Shelf pages or also about forums But there are also films on YouTube or other platforms, which show which features make the fuck machines particularly useful. of course, new information is always added when, for example, new models are published on the market..

Where to buy a fuck machine?

The purchase of a professional sex toy is definitely more sensible than building it yourself. designs by Specialist websites like:

  • Amazon

First of all, it makes sense to read through all the information that is offered to you about the fucking machine, including above all texts and Reports from experts, There is also the possibility to watch movies, where you can learn more about the functions of the fuck machines and how they can be used..

After a selection of all the goods has been made, you can use a fast shipping As a rule, it does not take more than 2 to 5 working days, Via websites like Amazon, fast shipping is sometimes even available as a free variant, and it should also be mentioned that the package is intended for delivery. neutrally so that no one can see that fuck machines have been ordered.

Conclusion – It pays to have sex with a fuck machine?

Due to all the customer reviews and the large selection of high-quality equipment it can be stated in any case that every man and every woman can find the right sex machine for themselves. quality sexual experience, This fact makes it basically meaningful for everyone to buy such a device if a good alternative to real sex is sought. high-quality companies This is the only way to ensure perfect functioning at all times..


Which accessories does a fuck machine need??

The following accessories are to be named among others dildos and pocket pussies, which can be used as attachments for the machine. wives and men Also very important is the purchase of lubricant The lubricant should be applied to the dildo before each use to facilitate the penetration of the dildo into the vagina or the anus..

What care does the product need??

Especially the dildo or the pocket pussy should always be cleaned well after using the fuck machine. running water too soap But it is just as important to care for the Love-Machine itself, for example, that the moving components Furthermore, care must be taken to ensure that the electronic components do not get wet, thus ensuring that the machine can be used as long as possible without defects..

How loud and heavy are the fuck machines?

First of all it should be mentioned that there are significant differences depending on the fuck machine, depending on the product and the speed set, a noise level of 55 to 85 dB This volume takes a little getting used to, but cannot really be avoided; in addition, there is a total weight that, depending on the Love-Machine, is not higher than 25 kilograms As a result, the sex machine is comparatively light and can therefore be easily transported or stowed away after use.

What to do in case of a defect of the fuck machines?

In any case, you should avoid repairing the defect yourself, as the unprofessional repair could cause further defects, so it is better to contact the seller of the fuck machines directly. quick repair For this purpose it is only necessary to send in the device, if the defect still turned up during the warranty period, then a free repair can usually be used..

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