To life, well-lived.

A better you, by Mazlo.

Mazlo designs, engineers and delivers technology products and services that make it easier for us all to learn to become a healthier, more fulfilled version of ourselves. Our Seattle-based team combines decades of experience creating positive behavior change with a holistic, human-centered approach to experience design.

Our aim is to introduce a range of personal growth products, supported by real coaches, that make living well simpler to attain and more meaningful to experience than ever before. The breadth of our offerings will continue to grow over time, but our foundation will remain; relevant, contextual learning guided by a team of experts.

Here’s to the journey ahead.

In the Works

Sleep by Mazlo.

Sleep by Mazlo

Coming Soon →

We all have a unique relationship with sleep. Whether it’s trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up rested, Sleep by Mazlo is designed to give you a better night’s sleep tonight, and every night.

Coaching 2.0

Coaching 2.0

Early Access Ended

For a limited time two of our most popular programs – Mindfullness Meditation and Mindful Eating – will be offered to a limited number of participants in our free early access of an entirely redesigned Mazlo.